There is something intrinsic in human nature that drives us to discover our physical and mental limits, and once revealed, to push beyond them. Originating from the Darwinian struggle for survival, the need to ‘endure’ has now turned into a purpose in itself. We can all identify with the captivating experience of watching elite athletes push the bounds of human achievement. Endurance sport is now the medium through which we seek to answer the question of how far and how fast we can go.

The last 20 years has seen the rapid growth of mass participation endurance sports, witness the rise of the marathoner, the hundred-mile bike rider and the Ironman triathlete. The business of endurance sports is now an established industry, but one that continues to evolve. While there are numerous publications covering everything that an athlete needs, from individual training plans, to nutrition to the latest gear review, there is no focus on the business dynamics underpinning this competitive industry. That is, until today.

‘The Endurance Times’ is a publication that seeks to provide a fresh perspective by looking at endurance sports through a business lens – analyzing current market conditions, discussing the latest trends and hypothesizing about the future. We aim to regularly post topical and thought-provoking articles that will engage you, the reader.

Our editorial team, combines years of corporate strategy experience advising both start-ups and Fortune 500 companies, with first-hand market experience as avid triathletes and endurance sport followers.

We hope you enjoy reading these articles as much as we enjoy writing them. We thrive on feedback, so leave a comment or drop us a line!

Your sincerely,
Hasan and Kamil
Editors, The Endurance Times


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The Editors of The Endurance Times: Hasan Iqbal and Kamil Klamann

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